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Home News & Articles Using Foss4gov Opportunities For Epoch-Making Change For The Better
Using Foss4gov Opportunities For Epoch-Making Change For The Better
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Free and open source software for Government (FOSS4Gov) is impregnated with vast opportunities for epoch-making change for the better. Healthy intervention by the appropriate authority will greatly help in optimizing the benefits of free and open source software and making it reach the people to the maximum. This is comparable to that of a well-meaning and far-sighted patent who is concerned about the common and optimum good of the whole family.

Spending of excessive money could be avoided and better values availed of if the relevant authorities make timely intervention to increase the use of FOSS4Gov. Awareness must be created whereby users are made aware of all the choices available.

These words reflect the opinions of experts who addressed the subject “Free and open source software” for Government at the GOSS4Gov national workshop held at Hotel Taj Samudra Colombo, last week.

The keynote address at the conference was delivered by Senior Lecturer School of Computing Colombo University, Dr. Ruwan Weerasinghe. Taking the audience to the Gettysburg address of Abraham Lincoln, the don urged the top Government officials present to test technology in hand with an adapted version of the three-pronged definition of democracy. The version of the former US President’s definition of democracy adapted to technology and in the current case, FOSS4Gov was “Technology of the people, by the people for the people”. Spelling out the adaptation further, the Senior Lecturer made the audiences pose three questions. Is the technology in hand relevant to the majority? Is it created by a majority? Is it accessible by a majority from the point of view of cost, language etc?

The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka’s Senior Technology Officer, Sanjaya Karunasena put FOSS in the perspective of an enterprise. FOSS gives the user freedom to run the programme concerned ; it gives freedom to study how the programme works (access to the source code), freedom to redistribute copies and freedom to improve the programme and  release your improvement.

The workshop organized by ICTA whetted the interest of the audience and gave them an experience that made them aware of the important role to play in bringing about a change by the use of FOSS4Gov.

ICTA Legal Advisor and Programme Director Jayantha Fernando, ICTA Re-engineering Government Programme Director Wasantha Deshapriya and several other experts too addressed the workshop.

Further information could be obtained from www.icta.lk


Source: www.icta.lk


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