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Rules, copyright and FOSS

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) processes and change management for organizations in the beginning, hopefully, where (at least not in the development of
References), organizational processes and top-down decisions are. On the other hand, the adoption of ICT due to a variety of physical processes are not linear
With multiple rationalities references the free and open source software (FOSS) development and implementation have been well explored over the past decade, relevant literature is limited to
License and the adoption of explicit and tacit criteria developed by the FOSS community, and most economically developed countries. Common assumptions about
Open and distributed development and adoption of FOSS movement focused on ease. More prominence, such beliefs are dispersed and mobilizable ICT
Capabilities are generally not available in developing contexts, FOSS universally perceived reliability, credibility is not in the "people" can not be taken for granted,
Rules relating to copyright and other FOSS-related rules may be not present, or not enforced.


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